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InDuna - Dreams (Ink and Gold)
Music Video / Visual Arts

Afro-Kiwi singer InDuna has written a song for the documentary film Ink and Gold: An Artist's Journey to Olympic Glory, which has won Best Original Song for 'Dreams’ at the International Online Web Fest (IOWF) where the film is nominated for six awards.
The song's theme centres on the hard work and perseverance that often goes unnoticed.

InDuna's latest release is a powerful and uplifting track that tells the story of someone who has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, facing countless
no's and challenges, but ultimately triumphing in the end.
InDuna’s soulful vocals and powerful lyrics, InDuna's music speaks to the human experience, encouraging listeners to push through the hard times and never give up on their dreams.
This latest single from InDuna is a perfect anthem for both good times and bad, reminding us that the journey may be tough, but the end result is always worth it
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