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WHYPHY - 2023
Rockshop Bandquest National Winners

2023 - directed by Mason Rudd 

Rockshop Bandquest presents the 2023 National Winners - WHYPHY from Rangikura School! Here is their medley of 'Where Have You Been' by Rhianna & 'Moment 4 Life' by Nicki Minaj.


Credits - Producer, mentor & mixing: Avina Kelekolio Performance by: WHYPHY from Rangikura School Song and video recorded at: Massey University studio in Wellington Video by: Mason Rudd


Massive thank you to James Coyle at Massey University , and Itu Obeda from Rangikura School, for all your mahi behind the scenes on this recording. The Rockshop Bandquest event series is made possible by the support of the NZ Rockshop, The Wright Family Foundation, and RQP (Rockquest Promotions).

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